Why You Need a Hashtag Strategy for Your Business


Are you trying to grow your business? And are you trying to do with the help of digital marketing? If so, you need to think about a strategy. Here I’m going to discuss why you need a hashtag strategy for your Business

If you want to achieve any results you have to start with a strategy. You can’t expect 2 achieve the best without putting a plan in place. Your perfect dish marketing strategy will depend upon your business.

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Instagram Strategy

getting the right Instagram strategy depends on your own unique business. My advice would be to look at some of the key players in your industry and see when they’re posting. Look at what hashtags they’re using. And is there anything that you can take from what they’re doing to implement in your own strategy. Next, I would look at local businesses and see what their strategy is on Instagram.

There isn’t a one size fits all approach and each account will require a trial and error approach until the strategy works. The one thing I would say that was key, is the need for consistency. If you’re going to try the new approach do it consistently for at least 30 days before evaluating its effect

Hashtag Strategy for Your Business

This one is a bit more complicated. The common thinking is that using just large hashtags in your niche won’t work well unless you’re a large account with excellent engagement.

So you should try mixing up hashtags from different volumes of posts. If you’re a small account using a hashtag that has millions of posts is not going to be effective. You will need to research hashtags that have a small volume of posts, a medium volume of posts and a large volume of posts.

Again, you’ll need to use a trial and error approach, but the basic guidelines below should help you in doing this.

Hashtag volume size

  • Small volume hashtag is 0 – 250 K posts
  • Medium volume hashtag is 250 – 1 million posts
  • Large volume hashtag is 1 million + posts


Account Size = The hashtags you should try

  • 0 -1k = 20 small + 10 Medium
  • 1- 10K = 18 small + 10 Medium + 2 Large
  • 10-50K = 16 small + 10 Medium + 4 Large
  • 50K = 12 small + 13 Medium + 5 Large

It’s not an exact science but I would try the above numbers for a month and see how your account grows. I would add that it’s important to not just use the same hashtag over and over again. This can harm your reach as Instagram sees it as spammy.

I would recommend having four or five focus areas that you post about on a weekly basis and have groups of hashtags for each focus type. By doing this you refrain from using the same hashtags and won’t get flagged by Instagram as being spammy.

Hashtag Research

It takes about an hour of hashtag research to do the initial work for the month, but it will pay off in the long run.

There are many tools out there that you could use to do hashtag research. But you can do it very easily, typing ideas into the Instagram search bar and seeing how many posts there are under that hashtag. If you click on the hashtag it will give you suggestions for other hashtags in the top section of the web page.

It’s as easy as going to hashtag generator. I would use a hashtag generator if I was struggling for ideas. I would go back to check them on Instagram. Making sure that they are not banned and that they are the right volume of posts for your strategy.

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