Using Your USP to Grow Your Business

Using Your USP to Grow Your Business

It’s one of the first things you should think about as a business is what makes you unique. You should determine why a customer would buy from you over another business. What makes you stand out, what makes you memorable. But how do you do that? And how should you use it to market your business? So how should you use your USP to grow your business?

What is Your Unique Selling Point?

Working out your USP is not difficult. Sit down with your prefered note-taking method, I’m a sheet of A3 and felt tips mind map making kind of note-taker, but whatever works for you. 

You need to consider the following points…

Ideal Customer 

First, you need to work out your ideal customer. Who are they? What do they do? Why would they need your services? See here for a detailed description of how to do this… Idea Customer

Advantage or Difference Over Your Competitors

Next, think about what makes you different to your competitors, is it the customer service you offer, a speciality that differentiates you or a qualification or experience you have. 

Industry Trends

Look at your industry, what trends are emerging? What are your competitors doing that’s new. How can you improve on what the compettion? 

What problem are you solving?

Put yourself in your ideal customer’s shoes, what problem do they need solving? 


My USP is that I specialise in Pinterest & digital marketing as a virtual assistant, working with busy bloggers, coaches and business owners, meaning I save businesses time and money by streamlining their business and working online. 

How Can You Use Your USP in Your Business

Your USP should be at the core of your marketing and business development. 

Marketing your USP is crucial. Lead with it and show the customer why you are different and what that means for them.

If you are creating a new product or service, your USP should be the centre of that. If you differentiate based on USP you will stand out in your market. 

How Using Your USP Can Improve Your Marketing

Being specific about how you are different and promoting that will attract the customers you want to work with or sell to. 

It will also create consistency as your message will be the same every time. Using your USP as your core driver for gaining sales will leave the customer clear what you are offering and why they should choose you.

Most importantly it will make you stand out in your industry. In terms of SEO, the right keywords for your USP will mean people find you easier which will convert to sales. 

As you can see determining your USP and being super specific can bring customers and give them the reason they need to purchase from you. So if you don’t have yours sorted yet, do it today. 

If you need any further advice contact me and I’d be happy to advise you on USP, SEO keywords and marketing for your USP.


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