Do you know who your ideal customer is?

ideal customer

This seems pretty easy, doesn’t it? But so many people aim to work with everyone and anyone. Not narrowing down their audience and leaving it all a bit vague. So do you know who your ideal customer is?

Your ideal customer is the person or brand you want to work with, the person or brand who is going to be a great fit and completely love working with you. 

Why should all businesses know who their ideal customer is?

You need to narrow down the field so that when designing your brand, products and marketing you can directly target your customer and engage them. 

So how do you narrow down millions of potential customers to an ideal customer?

  • Consider how they make money. Are they service or product-based business. 
  • Think about their motives to run their business. Do they do it for freedom, creativity, passion for the area of business?
  • Think about location. Are they local to you or could they be worldwide? 
  • Why would they want to work with someone in your business? Is it for your knowledge, to save them time or because they don’t want to do that particular part of their business? 

Take all this information and write a description of an ideal customer. You could get creative and make mood boards for them if you like. 

You might have more than one, I have three for example. Make it crystal clear, so clear that you can picture this person when thinking of them. 

How do we use this ideal customer information?

Once you have outlined our customer you need to get into their mindset. What books might they read, what podcasts might they listen to, what are their main business issues and problems. 

Use this information to create your products, services, marketing materials. Use this information for everything. You need to create a communication strategy that works for the customer, not for your business. 

You can’t sell a product nobody wants and you can’t run a business if you can’t sell your product. 

So your ideal customer should inform everything you do. 


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