Show Up With Pinterest & SEO

Show up with Pinterest and SEO

For businesses that
want to grow online

A 3-day challenge that will share the fundamentals of growing your business online.  Live videos and tasks to help you create a growth system that works for your business.

Set in a Facebook group so you can ask questions and chat with other business owners. Each day will have a focus to work on so you can get clear on how to grow your business online. Here is a look at what to expect on day one…

Day One 

🖥 Where is Your Website At
We’ll look at what your website is looking like or if you are to set one up what you want your website to look like.
✨ Shine Online
We’ll look at how your website attracts your ideal customer.
🚗 Customer Journey
We’ll look at how your customers navigate websites.


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Looking forward to seeing you there.

Show up with Pinterest and SEO