5 ways Pinterest helps you grow your business

Pinterest helps you grow your business

5 ways Pinterest helps you grow your business 

I wanted to do an episode that was about why and how Pinterest can impact your business. So, giving you a few things that it has done for my business and talk about the general need for it within a business, because I think that there are so many options to market businesses these days that it can get a little bit overwhelming and it can feel a bit like ‘I should be doing everything’. And if you’ve listened to anything I’ve recorded before, watched any the videos I do over on Instagram, read the blog posts or if you’re a member of the Moxie email and you get my bimonthly newsletters, you will know that I don’t believe everyone should be doing everything, that every business is unique and therefore every business needs a unique marketing plan. I do think though that time spent on Pinterest is very valuable 

Now. I’ll never tell you what you should be doing. I don’t think that that is a good idea, personally, to tell anyone else what they should be doing, but I do want to give you some ideas of why Pinterest might be really great for your business. I’m going to jump straight into it. 

Number one: it improves your visibility and people’s awareness of your brand. Pinterest has 15.6 million active (that’s really important) users in the UK and over 3 billion active users worldwide. So there are huge number of people not only registered for an account on Pinterest, but who are actively going there. That is a massive market in which to create visibility for your brand and to help with awareness. Obviously, not all those people are going to find you, but it does help with something I’m going to mention later on.  

Something that really is important though, is that 97%, so nearly 100%, of searches are non-branded. In the July Pinterest report, they have discovered that that 97% of searches were not going there looking for a particular brand, they’re actually searching for the thing, and they are looking for inspiration. They going to try to find options, then not going there necessarily to find a ‘one-fit’ solution. This is why it’s great for a small business because you can be on Pinterest and create visibility and that brand awareness. Just by pinning regularly and using the right strategy to make sure that your pins come up in various searches and then people will find your brand, and that will lead to better engagement rates and better rates from the particular platform, which will increase your reach and so on. So, really good for visibility and awareness.  

When we mentioned about all those different users and Pinterest is links into the next thing, which is number two: it increases your website visitors. Now this is really good for SEO. I think most people know this, that Pinterest really helps with your website SEO, so that’s not a new fact, but I can tell you for my own personal stats, that Pinterest has help to lower my bounce rate. I’ve tracked people coming from Pinterest and they are looking around my website. And they are clicking on more than one page. The bounce rate is when somebody falls off before they’ve clicked to the second page and I can see that 28% of people are clicking to more than two pages.  

Pinterest is actually helping people stay on my website, so not only are they finding me, but they are then going through an clicking through lots of different pages. Now this is also wrapped into how well your user journey works and I’ve talked about that before on various platforms, so if you’re interested, going finding information on that. But when people come from Pinterest, you need to be thinking ‘where do I want them to go next?’  

Pinterest has lowered my bounce rate. It’s also increased the time people spend on my website. On average, people are spending over five minutes on my website, which is really quite high. People are looking for information. People are doing things on my website and that is really great for SEO. It means that your website can be trusted, because people are wanting to spend more time on there. Pinterest brings 20 cent my traffic, so it’s doing its job. I’m getting a fifth of my traffic from something that takes me under two hours a week to do, probably more like an hour a week, if you factor in that I do in bulk scheduling, so that’s worth my time.  

Number 3: I linked my Pinterest account to my Etsy account so that I can connect the two and I can bring pins over from Etsy to promote my Etsy shop, and that’s just going to be really powerful for product-based business. If you have the ability to set up an Etsy shop because you have a product-based business or even if you run a service-based business that sells digital products, it might be worth thinking about connecting your Etsy account to your Pinterest account.  

Number 4: use of product pins. This is something that I’ve just started doing recently, but because my website has a shop with some downloadable digital products, I can now create product pins. These are far more powerful than normal pins because they have all the details about that particular product before the person clicks through to your website. So they will have seen the information that they are interested in when they go over, and then are more likely to convert into a customer. The use of product pins is really, really powerful. In fact, in that same July report, Pinterest reported that their pinners spend 80% more than non-pinners. So if you can create product pins, it’s something you can set up via Rich Pins. If you can create them, I would highly suggest doing that because it does have a powerful effect on your account. # 

Number 5: find other people who are making similar pins, producing similar content or have similar businesses, but are not a direct competitor and collaborate with them. Make a group board or join Tailwind Community if use Tailwind. Create your own Tailwind Community. Helping each other to grow with Pinterest is a really good way to use if your business because it means people pin your pins, which is what you’re after. I always caveat that advice which is to make sure you’ve got a really good idea of who that pinner is, what they pain and that you can kind of trust them.  It might be that you have a networking group with people that do similar things to you that you know in person or that you know via online forums or groups, and you might want to create some kind of group board or some kind of Tailwind Community together so that you can help each other to grow on Pinterest.  

The takeaway this week is,

  1. if you’re using Pinterest, you are going to increase your visibility and your awareness of your brand to lots of people. We are happy to get traffic from America because that will help us grow SEO, which is linked to point two.
  2. It increases your website visitors and we need that for SEO in order to have an impact on our local searches.
  3. You can link it to your Etsy account and also your Instagram account – I didn’t mention this in the main – but you can make it to both those things, which adds to your trust factor.
  4. You can make product pins, which will be really powerful for product-based businesses to be able to advertise their products without having to pay for advertising and
  5. find a group of people you can trust to have a board together or to join a Tailwind Community.  

If you’ve been looking at my Instagram recently or have been listening to anything I’ve been doing recently, you might have noticed something has been about to launch. I actually announced it today so I thought it would be nice to mention it here just in case you haven’t seen yet, but if you are thinking of using Pinterest with business and you want a bit of guidance on how to set it up right and optimise the account, I’m going to opening up the second round of ProPinners very soon.  

ProPinners is my course that helps businesses to optimise their accounts, Pin to success, design a strategy that stressless and that they can do within a few hours a month. If you’re interested, head over some Moxieva.co.uk, you can get yourself on the Moxie mail which will tell you when it’s launching. If you sign up to wait list, you also get a pin audit, so you can have a look at your Pinterest account before you get started. I’m super excited about this, because the last round was so much fun. So head over there, have a look, or send me a DM on Instagram and we can have a chat to see if it’s right for your business. I hope you found that useful. If you want to chat some more, get in touch, my details are in the show notes. I’m here to help. 

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Pinterest helps you grow your business