How to Improve Your Website SEO for 2021

How to Improve Your Website SEO in 2021

If you want to improve your website SEO in 2021 this episode is for you. Google are changing the way they index sites from May.  They have been prioritising mobile versions of websites for sometime but will be moving to a mobile only indexing system from May. 

This is big news as mobile versions of websites will be more important than desktop in terms of SEO. Websites will need to be mobile responsive, and focused around user experience on mobile. 

To optimise this you might need to think about a new template or website upgrades so it is a good idea to start thinking about this now. 

Speed is a huge factor, in the episode I explain why and give ideas on how to check and improve your website speed. 

Other changes to the ranking factors on Google are around security. How secure your site is and if it has a valid SSL certificate. 

I also chat through how to use data to design your customer journey and find out how visitors are using your site. 

If you want to hear more click on the episode below to find out how to improve your website SEO in 2021.

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How to Improve Your Website SEO in 2021