How to achieve goals

How to achieve goals

Do you set goals and find it hard to make progress towards them? Or get to the end of a quarter and realise you have lost focus on them. Then this episode is for you. I share how to achieve the goals that you set by sharing tips and methods that work. 

I go through the goal-setting process and share the extra steps you can take to make the goals ones you can actually achieve. I believe in setting achievable goals that offer the ability to stretch. 

I share the importance of support and accountability, offering ways to find them. I also talk about how important it is to make a record and make it visible. Writing down your goals helps you overcome resistance. By writing them down you are making it official, like a commitment to yourself and your goals. 

To help you with accountability and writing down your goals I have created stationery that you can use to help you determine and display your goals. You can see them here…

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How to achieve goals