Design A Hashtag Strategy For Your Business

Design a hashtag strategy for your business

Hello, welcome to this week’s episode We’re talking about hash tag strategy and how to design one for your business.

Get your favourite drink and let’s get started.

Having a hashtag strategy for your business is really key because it will save you time and it will make sure that you’re targeting your customers. designing a hashtag strategy can turn people that view your profile into followers and can ultimately bring customers to your brand. 

To design A hashtag strategy, you need to think about how you’re going to use these hashtags. The main places to use hashtags is on Instagram and Pinterest. And although you can crossover and use them on either platform it is good to have ones are specific to the platforms that you are posting them on.

if you have a smaller account on Instagram so under 10,000 followers you need to be really careful about how you use your hashtags. If you just use hashtags in your niche that have millions of posting them, you will not get any exposure from them and you may as well not bother putting them on there.

It is generally thought that if you have a large following with good engagement you are more likely to rank in those higher volume of post hashtags. Now that’s not saying that you shouldn’t use one or two here and there.

What you need to do is be strategic about the amount of posts for that particular hash tag that you want to target so for instance if you want to rank in social media you wouldn’t put in #socialmediamarketing as it has 10 million posts. But you could put in #Socialmediastrategist which has 147,000.

This is why research comes into it. There are various tools you can use online that will do your hash tag research for you or you can just use the search bar and Instagram. Pop in the term you want to find a hash tag for and have a look at how many posts there are.

When you click on a hashtag it will take you to a page full of posts. Across the top of that page you will see suggestions. Have a look at a few to help you find the right ones.

Another good way to do this is to have a look at what people in your niche are using we’re not going to copy them because that’s not going to do us any good but we can look at what they’re using and that can inspire us to think of new ideas

I recommend mixing up the numbers have a few with under 100,000 posts a few with 250,000 to 100,000 a few from 25,000 to 500,000 and a few from 500,000 to million. This all depends on the type of account you’ve got the level of engagement you’ve got. if you want a more detailed look at how many should have there is an exact formula over on the blog.

I would recommend having a look at your hash tag list once a month as a minimum and come up with some new ideas, one thing Instagram hates as if you can continually use the same hashtags over and over again so if nothing else change the order in which you are using them.

Pinterest is a little different. Sure, you can use the one you’ve researched on Instagram, but Pinterest won’t rank the hashtags the same and you might be missing out. You can search for hashtags in the same way. Using the search bar put in your phrase or word and click enter. Under the search bar will appear multicoloured words, these are commonly used words when people search on Pinterest meaning you should use them as hashtags.

The takeaway this week is to go over to Instagram and find yourself some new hashtags that you can use.

I hope you found that useful, if you want to chat some more get in touch, my details are in the show notes, I’m here to help.

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Design A Hashtag Strategy For Your Business