How to Optimise Pinterest for your Business

Optimise Pinterest for your Business

Welcome to this week’s episode where we’re talking about one of my favourite subjects Pinterest. I have been using Pinterest for years but in the last few years I’ve been using it more from a business point of view and have found some amazing results when it comes to marketing.

First tip for Pinterest – Plan your content in advance

pins take time to gain traction so if you want exposure for Christmas or Easter or another time of the year you need to plan this in early.

I would say pin it at least a month in advance if not two. Now we all know pins are Evergreen which means a year later or two years later they can still be around so there’s no harm in pinning early. This is where what we talked about last week and the 12-week content strategy will really pay off.

Second tip –  Design your pins

use your house branding to design your pens your pins need to look different so they registered as fresh content so using your own branding making sure your websites on there it will great ways to make sure that your content is recognised and that you don’t get penalised for using stale pins.

Third tip – schedule

user scheduler it makes your job so much easier and quicker. tailwind in my opinion is the best but there are so many others out there that can do it and you can even schedule 2 weeks in advance on Pinterest.

Forth tip – Pin for your customer

Pinterest is not for you it’s for the people you want to go to your website. You need to change the way you think about Pinterest it’s no longer a place for you to pin the things that you like it’s for you to pin things that other people are going to want say about your business and topics related to your business.

Fifth tip- optimise your account

there’s a guide to this over on the blog if you want a detailed explanation. but basically you need to have a business account and you need to make sure that all your boards are relevant.

The takeaway this week is to have a look at your Pinterest account stroke set 1 up if you haven’t got one already and start thinking about it as a way to market your business because the organic traffic you can get from Pinterest is amazing.

I hope you found that useful, if you want to chat some more get in touch, my details are in the show notes, I’m here to help.

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Top Tips 

  1. Plan your content in advance
  2. Design your pins
  3. Schedule
  4. Pin for your customer
  5. optimise your account

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How to Optimise Pinterest for your Business